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Which Car Brands Retain The Most Value Over Time?

It’s common knowledge that cars depreciate over time. In fact, the tongue-in-cheek statement is “the car loses value as soon as it leaves the lot.” Vehicle ownership is the largest long-term ownership expense.


How Does Location Affect My Car's Value?

Have you found that in some areas of the country, cars are much more expensive than in others? On the flip side, have you noticed that certain new and used vehicles have really low prices depending on where they are being sold? There could even be...


How Much Is A Junked Car Worth?

Wondering how much you can get by junking your vehicle? Car-Worth can help you figure out exactly what your vehicle is valued at.


Is Parting Out A Car Legal?

Wondering if you can part out your car legally? Learn what the rules are and what the best option is for you with Car Worth.


What’s The Best Website for Selling Cars Online?

Looking to get an online offer for your vehicle? Your options depend on your vehicle’s condition. Learn where to turn and who’s best for you here.


How Much Are Non-Running Trucks Worth?

Trucks are the hardest working vehicles in America. They haul thousands of pounds of weight, traverse over uneven ground with ease, and boast enough cargo space to carry a couch. Even the largest of cars would have difficulty with tasks that truck...


Car Book Value - Car Worth

We are often faced with the dilemma of what to do with cars that we no longer use. These cars could be wrecked or damaged or may have major mechanical problems. Do you have a damaged car are wondering what to do with it? Would like to get a fair p...


Car Value Calculator - Car Worth

What is my car really worth? This is a pretty common question especially for people who own old, damaged or totaled cars. A lot of people think that just because a vehicle is old or doesn’t work anymore, what remains is only its scrap value....

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