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sell a junk car in Texas

How To Sell A Junk Car In Texas

Getting cash for your car in Texas is easy — you just need to find the right buyer. From Houston to San Antonio, Car-Worth can make an offer on your scrap car.

bad brake lines

How Much Is My Car Worth With Faulty Brake Lines?

How much is your car worth with faulty brake lines? Car-Worth can help. Read on below to learn more about how brake lines impact your vehicle's value.

branded car title

What Can You Do With A Branded Title Car?

A branded title on your vehicle will affect its resale value — but by how much? What are your options for selling a car with a branded title? Car-Worth explains what you can expect.

sell car without a title

Can You Sell A Car Without A Title?

Selling your car without a title may pose difficulties, but it's not always impossible. You just need to do your research and figure out what documents you can use in its place. Car-Worth can help.

High mileage depreciation

What Is A 10 Year Old Car Worth?

You know cars depreciate, but how much can you get for a 10 year old car? Car-Worth has the answer.

High mileage car

Who Buys High Mileage Cars?

If your car has got a high mileage, where's the best place to sell it? Car-Worth walks you through the options.

when to sell a used car

When To Get Rid of a Used Car

When is it time to get rid of your used car and get some cash for it? Car-Worth walks you through the important factors to consider.

high mileage

At What Mileage Should You Sell Your Car?

Wondering when it's time to sell your car? Find out what the best mileage point to sell your car at is with Car-Worth.

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