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High mileage depreciation

What Is A 10 Year Old Car Worth?

You know cars depreciate, but how much can you get for a 10 year old car? Car-Worth has the answer.

High mileage car

Who Buys High Mileage Cars?

If your car has got a high mileage, where's the best place to sell it? Car-Worth walks you through the options.

when to sell a used car

When To Get Rid of a Used Car

When is it time to get rid of your used car and get some cash for it? Car-Worth walks you through the important factors to consider.

high mileage

At What Mileage Should You Sell Your Car?

Wondering when it's time to sell your car? Find out what the best mileage point to sell your car at is with Car-Worth.

car for sale

How You Can Sell Your Vehicle Privately & Safely

Sell your vehicle seamlessly & hassle-free with Car-Worth.com.

evaluating car

What Is Kelley Blue Book?

Before selling your car, you should know what the Kelley Blue Book value is — and what that even means. Car-Worth provides an explanation for this industry term that can help you prepare for negotiations when you're getting ready to sell.

evaluate car

How to List Your Vehicle for Sale Online

Cash in on your vehicle by posting it up for sale. Receive cash & towing at your home or office!


How Does Mileage Affect A Car’s Value?

A car's age isn't the only thing that affects its value — how much it's been driven counts as well. But to what extent? Car-Worth can walk you through how mileage affects your car's value.

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