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Most of us have been there, you have a totaled, broken down, damaged or just a car that you need to get rid of. This is where comes to the rescue. Get an instant offer by entering your zip code below.

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Selling My Car with Car-Worth

Many dealers claim to take wrecked cars or cars that you do not want, there are several times when I wanted to sell my car quick only to be offered prices that do not reflect fair market value for the car.

Unlike many other companies, Car Worth offers fair market value to clients that include repair industry partners, insurance companies, and individual car owners who have cars with major mechanical issues, cars they need to get rid of, or wrecked motor vehicles that may not be worth repairing. The company has over a decade of experience in the industry as it has paid out over a million on salvage SUVs, vans, trucks, late model cars, and wrecked cars since it was established.

How to Sell Your Car Online

If you have a damaged car and you have no idea what or how to do with it, you should definitely consider selling it for the following reasons.

1) In many states, it is impossible to drive a damaged car until you have fixed it and it has passed strict emission and quality standards.

2) If you do not have the cash to repair the vehicle it will end up sitting in your garage for a long time where it may start gathering dust and rust depreciating even more.

3) Repairing a damaged car might not be the most cost effective thing to do given that you will likely never know the true cost of repairs until you take the vehicle to the shop. This makes repairing a damaged car a high risk and expensive endeavor

Private Buyers or Car Companies Who Buy Cars

Most private car buyers do not want to buy wrecked or even slightly damaged cars. If you have a car that is less than perfect or one that does not drive or run, you will have a hard time finding anyone to buy it.

Selling My Car to Local Dealers

Local dealers are not very conversant with the appraisal procedures for damaged cars and hence may give you very low offers. When you sell to Car Worth you will be talking to experts with decades of experience appraising vehicles. Our appraisal is based on model and make, year, location and condition, a combination of which provides the fairest value for your vehicle.

There was a time when I wanted to sell my car to a junkyard, only to find that they did not care that my vehicle still had premium options such as sunroof or leather interiors. For the most part, their offer only takes into account the scrap value of the car. On the other hand, Car Worth is a member of the United Recycling Group and Automotive Recycling Association. As such, we will offer you a price that takes into account premium options, which we can recycle thus getting you a better price.

Sell a Non-Running Car Fast

If your car is not running, it can cost you hundreds per tow even as you shop around looking for offers. At Car Worth, we have free towing anywhere in the United States and we pick up cars regardless of location.

Damaged vehicles tend to be hard to sell as many junkyards and even private buyers will haggle constantly and give low ball offers even as they put pressure on you to accept their offers. At our company, we never put pressure on you but rather we allow you to consider our offer which is always guaranteed.

If you have a damaged car you might not be able to use it in some states and it will take up a lot of space in your garage for an unknown time. By selling it to, you are selling to experts who know all about evaluation and buying of damaged cars. As such, they make instant offers and make payment once you agree to our offer.

Where to Sell My Car Near Me Today?

If I wanted to sell my car today to a private dealer I will typically waste time shopping for the best price. With Car Worth, I can sell my car online from the comfort of my own home on a computer and have the car picked up within 24-48 hours.

Unlike your junkyards, we have excellent reputation and ratings that we have built over the course of seven years so that you do not have to deal with uncertain reputations of junkyards and private dealers

If you decide to part out the car, you will quickly learn that it requires mechanical knowledge and that it is very time-consuming. Once the major components such as the interior, transmission, and engine have been sold, you will find it hard to find buyers for the rest of the car. At Car Worth, we have relationships with recyclers of vehicle parts and can take the entire car to recycle using environmentally processes.

Trade in Cars for Cash Now

The most important thing to know is the value of your car. At Car Worth, we provide an easy way to use a calculator to help you evaluate and get a rough estimate on what your car may be worth. The most important aspects that we look at are the local market, the condition, year, mileage, and make of the vehicle. Other aspects include the type of title, whether there are parts missing and any damage to the vehicle.

What's the Value of My Truck?

Truck Car Values are a bit different than typical sedans or other passenger vehicles. Usually trucks have a longer life, so their values can be higher than another model of car with similar mileage or year.

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