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What Is Kelley Blue Book?

Before selling your car, you should know what the Kelley Blue Book value is — and what that even means. Car-Worth provides an explanation for this industry term that can help you prepare for negotiations when you're getting ready to sell.

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How to List Your Vehicle for Sale Online

Cash in on your vehicle by posting it up for sale. Receive cash & towing at your home or office!


How Does Mileage Affect A Car’s Value?

A car's age isn't the only thing that affects its value — how much it's been driven counts as well. But to what extent? Car-Worth can walk you through how mileage affects your car's value.

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What Paperwork Do I Need To Sell My Car Privately?

Before you sell your car, you need to get your paperwork in order. Car-Worth can help.

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How Much Do Vehicles Depreciate As They Age?

What causes a vehicle to depreciate, and how much can you expect its value to drop? Car-Worth has the answer.

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Get Your Car's Worth in Seconds

How do you determine a fair market price for your car when it's time to sell it? Car-Worth can help you find the answer.

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Sell Your Vehicle Online in 24-48 Hours

Don't waste time with tire-kickers. Get cash and towing within 24-48 hours of accepting our offer.


Which Car Brands Retain The Most Value Over Time?

It’s common knowledge that cars depreciate over time. In fact, the tongue-in-cheek statement is “the car loses value as soon as it leaves the lot.” Vehicle ownership is the largest long-term ownership expense.

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