How Much Are Non-Running Trucks Worth?

Trucks are the hardest working vehicles in America. They haul thousands of pounds of weight, traverse over uneven ground with ease, and boast enough cargo space to carry a couch. Even the largest of cars would have difficulty with tasks that trucks can easily accomplish.

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Evidently, trucks are highly valuable vehicles.

But what about trucks that no longer run? They don’t offer the same benefits of working trucks, so how much could they possibly be worth? Continue reading below to learn more about trucks, how much they are worth, and how you can sell your non-running truck for cash.

The Benefits of Trucks Over Cars

More Americans drive cars than trucks. However, that doesn’t mean that trucks are less valuable. In fact, they feature benefits that cars cannot compete with.

For instance, trucks can tow at least twice the weight that a regular sedan can. This means that while a sedan can tow 2,500 lbs, a truck can tow 5,000 lbs or more. In fact, many of today’s trucks can carry 10,000 lbs of weight. That is about the weight of an elephant.

Clearly, this weight capacity offers drivers the ability to take an RV around the country or easily move building materials for their home renovation.

One of the best parts about trucks is that they last longer than regular cars. They are made to be durable, strong, and to withstand more than normal wear and tear.

The thick tires, heavy and powerful engines, and safety features of trucks help to lengthen their lives. They remain useful for years and more than 100,000 miles.

Truck Problems That Make Them Stop Working

A variety of issues and damages can make a truck stop working. It might not even be one problem, but several small ones that cause severe damage to your vehicle.

One of the worst things that can happen to your truck is engine failure. This kind of damage usually results from a lack of proper maintenance or not repairing smaller issues when they arise. Once your engine fails, you will need a new or refurbished one. This can cost thousands of dollars in both parts and labor and is not always worth it.

On the other hand, your truck can develop an issue with the catalytic converter. This piece filters toxic pollutants to expel safer particles. When it starts going awry, your vehicle will become dangerous to operate especially if you smell sulfur or see black smoke. While a truck can still operate without a catalytic converter, it will not have nearly as much power or be able to travel long distances.

Transmission damage is another severe issue that can cause your truck to stop working. While this component is part of the engine, it is an immensely important part on its own. Transmission problems make driving unpredictable and dangerous. Your truck might not even start if the issue becomes severe,

How to Get an Offer For a Damaged Truck

Even if your truck is no longer working, you can still get an offer for it. Because trucks have so many uses, many drivers are willing to purchase even damaged ones and fix them up.

To get the best offer for your damaged truck, you will need to get several estimates. Many people will not offer you a good price for a car that isn’t running. However, sizing up different offers will help you to find the right buyer.

Different buyers will evaluate the worth of your car using different methods. Dealerships might have an established method while private buyers might just make an offer based on the appearance of the truck. As a result, the offers your receive will likely be inaccurate and not based on your truck’s true worth.

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Fortunately, you don’t need to struggle to sell your non-running truck. CarWorth can take care of everything for you while getting you the best price at the same time. Unlike dealerships or private buyers, we are experts at evaluating all types of vehicles, especially unwanted ones. We examine factors that others don’t to maximize your truck’s value.

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After you accept our offer, a local towing company will arrive wherever your truck is to pick it up in 24 to 48 hours. Once he or she arrives, you will receive your check for the exact amount you were quoted. Then, just hand over your keys and title and your transaction will be complete. It’s as easy and simple as that.

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How Much Is A Non-Running Truck Worth?

Although a non-running truck is typically worth more than a non-running car, generating an estimate for a vehicle typically requires more information, including the car’s year, make, model, current mileage count and current physical condition. You can typically expect to get around $500 to more than $5,000 for your vehicle, depending on the factors listed above.

CarWorth can help you find out what your vehicle is worth in just 90 seconds, and then provide a guaranteed offer for it with free towing included nationwide. Find out what your non-running truck is worth today.

Who Buys Trucks That Don’t Run?

Plenty of people are interested in non-running trucks. Some private individuals may be interested in making an offer for your vehicle and tinkering with it, and many junkyards and recyclers can make an offer for your car’s scrap value. However, if you think your car is worth more than scrap, you might want to look a little farther.

CarWorth can help you discover what your car is worth in its current condition in just 90 seconds. Get an offer today — we can pay you within 24 to 48 hours of accepting our offer, with free towing included!

How Much Can I Get For My Damaged Truck?

The best way to find out how much you can get is to request an offer from CarWorth. We can produce an estimate for your damaged truck in 90 seconds. With photos and the VIN, we can guarantee our offer, pick up your vehicle and pay you for it in 24 to 48 business hours after you accept your offer!

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