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How to Get Your Car’s Value the Easy Way

The first step to selling your vehicle online is knowing where the value of your car stands.

Whether it’s used or damaged, we believe we are the fastest & most precise method for receiving the actual fair market value of your vehicle. Car-Worth.com works with a huge database of cars of all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of damages or problems, and has the experience & know-how to accurately assess your vehicle.

This comes from experience, and just putting in the elbow grease for over a decade that we’ve participated in this business.

The Steps to Knowing What Your Car’s Worth

  • Step one: Enter Your Vehicle’s Details.
  • Step two: Describe in Detail Your Car’s Current Condition.
  • Step three: Upload Images.

When it comes to your car’s basic details, it’s primarily referring to the Year, Make & Model, and the Odometer Reading. It’s imperative that this information as accurate as possible since it will serve as the foundation for our evaluation.

Afterwards, you’ll want to describe your vehicle’s condition in detail. This may refer to any descriptions about damages on the car. Whether that’s water, frame, or body damage. The extent & severity of it. Alternatively, that may also include information about any mechanical problems that the vehicle has or whether it’s good for daily driving or not.

When it comes to images, we’ll want the typical pictures. We do ask that they be high-quality enough to be able to accurately examine the vehicle. Most smart phones are able to take images with the desired quality.

Additionally, any images that show the damage of the vehicle or the problem areas will be of tremendous help when it comes to accurately assessing the value of your car.

What to Do After You Received Your Vehicle’s Evaluation

After you’ve received your car’s evaluation from us, the next thing you can do is review & decide whether or not you like our offer. If you do, you’ll have the option to sell it right from your dashboard; in which case, we’d be able to provide you with payment & towing within 24-48 hrs.

Selling your vehicle with Car-Worth.com is simple. It takes a couple of steps and not much more than a few minutes of your time. We do all the heavy lifting. The only thing you need to worry about is what you’re going to do with all that cash.

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