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What is my car really worth? This is a pretty common question especially for people who own old, damaged or totaled cars. A lot of people think that just because a vehicle is old or doesn’t work anymore, what remains is only its scrap value. This is hardly the case as there are many factors that determine the worth of a vehicle, even for old and damaged cars.

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Factors That Affect Car Value

The true worth of your vehicle is usually unique to your vehicle only. Even though some car sale data sources like KBB may give you a rough estimate, chances are they won’t be able to give you anything close to an accurate valuation, particularly for old or damaged cars. Several factors determine the value of your vehicle, and some of them differ for each car.

The make and model of a car is one of the major determining factors of car value. Some vehicle makes and models are perceived as luxurious or a class above others while others are seen as inferior and therefore, less valuable.

Factors That Affect Car Value

The year of manufacture also has a major sway when it comes to car values. Car depreciation rates are among the highest which means the older the car is, the more damaged its components are likely to be and thus it is less valuable. However, there are times when this rule may not apply, for instance, when a vehicle is old but the owner was good at taking care of it, it might be more valuable than a younger car whose owner was careless. This is why every vehicle needs to be evaluated on its own.

The current condition of the car of course also matters a lot when calculating car trade-in value. The car could be old in terms of year of manufacture but due to proper Servicing and maintenance, it could still be in great condition. In other cases, a vehicle could be old and damaged but still have some parts in perfect condition even if it no longer works. All this must be factored into its value.

If you want to find out the true value of your car regardless of its make, model, age, mileage, or current condition, head over to and fill out the provided form.

What is is a renowned online car buying and trade-in company that has, for over a decade now, been buying all sorts of vehicles, in particular, the old and damaged ones. We built a reputation for buying cars for their true value and at a speed that is unmatched by competitors. Our Car Valuation Estimator is highly efficient and it helps us determine accurate car values for any type of vehicle in a matter of seconds.

How Our Car Value Estimator Works

Whenever you need to know the value of your car, you first need to head over to on your computer. On our homepage, you will see a form that you are required to fill out with various details about the car like its current condition, age, model, mileage, among other important details. If you are trying to sell a junk car, we will ask about its current condition and if there are still any working components that have any value. Once you fill out the form with accurate details and submit, the customer care team will instantly make you an offer with the price derived from our car value estimator. If you accept the offer, our team will come to pick up the car from any location you choose after which you will get your paycheck.

How Our Car Value Estimator Works

Over the years, we have collected a lot of data that helps us to determine accurate car prices at such speeds. We get our values from results of large amounts of information, including real sale transactions and auction prices which are analyzed and then adjusted to suit current market trends. Even though our offers are instant upon submission of the form, you can rely on our car value estimator to get the value right. covers local conditions of over 100 regions and is regularly updated to ensure all our clients get up-to-date pricing information on all types of cars. Our offers are guaranteed, and you don’t need to worry about annoying towing fees that eat into your profit. We got you covered!

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