What Paperwork Do I Need To Sell My Car Privately?

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In the majority of states, a clear title is the bare minimum needed in order for you to sell your car to another person or trade it in at a car dealership. You also may need to provide the vehicle’s registration, a sworn odometer statement, and a bill of sale.

Also, if the vehicle is still under warranty, you’re going to need to provide the warranty documentation. Finally, it’s not necessary, but it would be helpful to a potential buyer if you could also provide them with the maintenance records of your vehicle.

vehicle title

Vehicle History Report

It’s nearly unheard of for anyone to buy a used car before seeing the vehicle history report. Adding your Vehicle Identification Number to your car allows prospective buyers to look up the vehicle’s history.

If you are the vehicle's only owner ever, then that’s where the buck stops for you. However, if the vehicle has had previous owners before you, you may want to look into its vehicle history report and prepare yourself for questions buyers might have.

Maintenance Records

Saying your car has been well-maintained is one thing, but having actual proof that it’s well-maintained is another! All maintenance records are valuable to prospective buyers, whether the maintenance was done by you or by a mechanic.

Warranty Documents

If there’s an active warranty on your that is transferable, you’ll want to have that document available. An added benefit of having the warranty on hand is that it gives credence to a higher asking price for your vehicle!

As-Is Document

Covering your bases in order to protect yourself is key when selling your vehicle. Having a physical indication that your car is sold “as-is” means that you aren’t offering any warranties or buyback on the vehicle.

Once the buyer signs, they agree that they’re accepting the entirety of responsibility for the vehicle’s condition and future repairs. Once that’s done and the payment is received, the vehicle legally changes hands!

odometer reading

Odometer Reading

As of January 1, 2021, when selling a vehicle with a model year of 2011 and newer, you are required to include the actual odometer mileage on the odometer disclosure statement. The years have recently been expanded in order to protect buyers from fraud.

Execution of the law may vary by state; some allow you to write the current mileage on the title, while others need you to get a separate form.

An Odometer Disclosure Form will usually include:

  • Vehicle’s VIN, year, make, and model
  • Buyer’s name, address, and signature
  • Mileage
  • Seller’s signature
  • Notary seal or signature
  • Vehicle Title

If your used car is owned free and clear, then you probably have the vehicle title on hand and can quickly fill out the space on it for a transfer of ownership. However, if your vehicle has a lien, then the title is likely in possession of a bank or other lienholder.

In this situation, you'll have to call the bank or lender to get a current payoff. Then, you’ll have to work it out with the buyer to make the payment to the bank and then wait for the title to be sent over.

Bill of Sale

While a bill of sale isn’t an iron-clad requirement, it is critical to release you of liability. This document lists the comprehensive terms of the sale along with the vehicle description and details. Once the bill of sale is signed, you’re protected from all liability in the event of a dispute.

Selling Your Car With Car-Worth

happy client on computerHaving to amass all of these documents can be a hassle, especially when private buyers are going to cross all of their T's and dot their I’s to ensure they aren’t getting swindled. That’s plenty of legwork for you, the seller, to do.

Thankfully, Car-Worth specializes in reducing the burden placed upon sellers. When you contact us, you get a quote for your vehicle within 90 seconds. There’s no obligation to us, but once you accept it, we can schedule a pick-up. Within 24-48 hours, your car can be off your hands and a check for the quoted amount can be in them.

Furthermore, we provide both towing and title transfer services for free! Imagine handling both paperwork and transportation at absolutely no cost to you, whatsoever?

Contact us now and let us help you!

What Information Is Needed When Selling A Car?

When selling your car, you’ll need a vehicle history report, maintenance records, warranty documentation, as-is documentation, odometer disclosure, title and bill of sale.

Am I Responsible For A Car After I Sell It?

Once the Bill of Sale is signed by the buyer, they accept the car “as-is.” Any current and future issues with the vehicle will be the responsibility of the buyer as its new owner and not you.

Fortunately, Car-Worth assists in all title transfer processes for free. We ensure that as a vehicle goes from seller to buyer, there won’t be any ties that could come back to bite the previous owner.

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