What Can You Do With A Branded Title Car?

A branded title on your vehicle will affect its resale value — but by how much? What are your options for selling a car with a branded title? Car-Worth explains what you can expect.

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What Can You Do With A Branded Title Car?

When buying a car, you want to know exactly what you’re getting. Vehicles that have undergone extensive damage receive a special kind of title: a branded title. This ensures that there are no surprises for prospective buyers.

Below, we go into detail about branded car titles and what they mean for your vehicle’s value.

Heads up: a car with a branded title has a lower value than one with a clean title. As a result, you’ll need to work with a unique buyer like Car-Worth to get the best price.

What Is A Branded Title?

what is a branded title on a car

A branded title vehicle is any vehicle that has been significantly damaged or compromised. Serious collisions, floods, and odometer rollbacks are events that can compromise a car’s title.

This title, though, doesn’t necessarily reflect the current appearance of a car. This means that although the car might have a branded title, it can be fully repaired and appear as if it has never been in a major collision.

Even if a vehicle is rebuilt, reconditioned, and passes rigorous safety and quality testing, the branded title will still indicate that it has had significant damage.

The Types Of Branded Titles

A branded title is an umbrella term for titles that are given to compromised vehicles. These are the various types of branded titles:

  1. Salvage Title: Vehicles receive this title after an accident in which the cost of repairs winds up being more than the car’s fair market value. This is usually determined by an auto insurance company. Cars that have this title are also considered to be a total loss.

  2. Rebuilt Title: This title means that a vehicle has been declared a total loss but has also been repaired back to a drivable condition. These vehicles are perfectly operable but do carry some risks and have a decreased value.

  3. Lemon Title Brand: This type of brand is given to cars that are determined to be a “lemon” or a car that has a substantial defect that can’t be fixed by an auto manufacturer in a reasonable amount of time. In other words, this vehicle doesn’t live up to its warranty.

  4. Odometer Rollback Title: Cars are given this title when a dishonest seller rolls back a car’s odometer to make it seem as if it has fewer miles on it than it actually does. Rolling a car’s odometer back is illegal but it is hard to figure out if a seller did this unless you are a skilled mechanic.

  5. Water Damage Title: Vehicles that have been damaged by a flood receive this kind of title. Flood-damaged vehicles can have mold or mildew in the cabin and a compromised engine.

  6. Hail Damage Title: Not all states issue this kind of title but those that do assign this title to cars that have been damaged by hail. Hail damage can impact the structural integrity of a vehicle and its resale value.

How To Find Out If A Car Has A Branded Title

The simplest way to find out if a car has a branded title is to perform a vehicle history check. To do this, you’ll need the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).

If you’re shopping for a car, you can ask the seller for the VIN so that you can perform a history check. At car dealerships though, a vehicle history report is usually provided for used vehicles.

Branded Title Vs. Salvage Title

The primary difference between a branded title and a salvage title is that a salvage title is a type of branded title.

rebuilt title vehicle

A branded title simply means that a car has been damaged significantly and its value and reliability have been permanently diminished.

Under branded titles, you’ll also find salvage titles. A car with a salvage title has suffered significant damage and an auto insurer has declared it a total loss.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Branded Title Car?

Buying a branded title car isn’t necessarily a bad or good idea—it just depends on your needs, budget, and priorities.

Many shoppers consider a car with a branded title to be a risky purchase. This is due to the extensive damage that the vehicle has undergone. Even if it has been reconditioned, there is still the risk of lurking issues.

On the other hand, branded title cars are much cheaper than other types of used cars. So, if staying on budget is your priority, then this can be a great purchase.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of buying a branded title car:

Pros Cons
· Cheaper than other cars.
· Can possibly get a newer vehicle.
· Reselling might be difficult.
· Financing can be difficult.
· Can be hard to find an auto insurer.
· There might be lurking mechanical issues.

It’s clear that branded title cars have drawbacks that outweigh their benefits. Furthermore, branded title vehicles have a relation to “value” that most prospective car buyers would not find attractive.

How Does A Branded Title Affect Value?

Vehicles with branded titles typically have significantly lower values than those with clean titles. That’s because most shoppers want certainty that the vehicle they’re buying is reliable and safe. However, automobiles with a branded title don’t offer that safety.

A branded title can impact a car’s value by 20% to 40%--possibly more if the vehicle hasn’t been rebuilt or repaired. A car with a salvage title in particular has a much lower value as it’s been determined that it is a total loss.

Car-Worth Buys Branded Title Cars

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We look at metrics beyond your car’s year, make, model, and mileage. So, we are able to offer a fair price even if you have a branded title. Here’s how you can sell your car to Car-Worth:

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Our process is simple, easy, and can be done 100% online. We don’t haggle, so you will receive a check for the exact amount you were quoted.

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What Is A Branded Title On A Car?

A branded title simply means that a car has been significantly compromised. This damage may have come from a collision, flood, hail, or it simply does not meet manufacturer quality standards.

Is A Branded Title The Same As A Rebuilt Title?

A rebuilt title is a type of branded title. Branded titles are an umbrella term for cars that have undergone significant damage.

So, a car that has a rebuilt title has been declared a total loss by an insurance company due to significant damage but has been reconditioned to a drivable condition.

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