How to Know The Value of Your Car in Scrap

When you have finally decided to get rid of a non-running car, you want to know all the available options and go for the best. Whether you choose to trade it in or sell it to a junkyard, the bottom line is that you need to know how much the damaged car is worth. Assuming that you have chosen to sell it as scrap, how much money can you possibly make from it? The following article outlines how to find out how much your car is worth to a scrap yard and other options for you to explore.

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How Much Can You Get to Scrap A Car?

One thing you should know about scrap cars is that junkyards value them according to their weight. In short, when you call any junkyard with the intention of getting a quote for your car, they will not consider its condition, year, make or model, just its weight. You will then have to hire a tow truck to haul the vehicle to the yard, which will probably cost you more than you will get for the car. To understand this better, here is a breakdown of the pricing process of a scrap car in a typical junkyard: Most of the metal in a car is steel and aluminum.

An average passenger vehicle has 2,200 pounds of steel, 330 pounds of aluminum and some hundred pounds of other metals. Based on the industry average prices of steel and aluminum, you can only make as much selling your car as scrap as it would be enough to enjoy one family meal.

How to Know if Your Car is Scrap or Salvage

What you decide to do with your totaled car determines whether it is a scrap car or a salvage car. If you decide to sell it to a part recycler or to someone who will repair it, that makes it a salvage car. If you decide to sell it to be crushed and sold as a piece of metal, that makes it a scrap car. To help you make the decision of how to sell your totaled car, use the instant online car value estimator from It will only take 90 seconds of your time.

About Car Value Salvage Title

What if my car has a salvage title? Whenever a salvage car title comes into question, know that the value of the car will be much less than what you would expect. Insurance companies don’t want anything to do with totaled cars, that is why they write them off and give them salvage values and make sure it shows in the title. This, however, doesn’t mean that a salvage car is a “total loss". You can still make something out of it. So, instead of selling a scrap or salvage car for nothing more than its value in weight, you can sell it online for its true value.

What’s the Value of My Car in Scrap Metal?

If you are thinking about selling your totaled car but don’t know how much to ask for it, there is a better option for you. It only takes 90 seconds to know the true value of your junk car at We evaluate your car’s value by year, condition, model and make, not by how much it weighs. After getting your FREE quote, we will offer to buy your car. If you agree to sell it to us, we will come to where you are within 24-48 hours. We will then tow your car for FREE and pay you right on the spot! This is undoubtedly a much better bargain than you will ever get from a scrap yard. If you are wondering what we do with your totaled car after you have sold it to us, we work with vehicle parts recyclers who find a better use for what others would just trash.

It does not matter how much you think your car is damaged, just tell us a little about it and let us value it for you. We are expert car junk evaluators with an excellent rating and reputation in the industry. Having already closed over a million deals on salvage cars, we are sure yours will be another success story.

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