What's My Car Worth?

You must have asked yourself questions like: What’s the value of my car, or how can I find my car value? The worth of your car is usually unique to your car only. Although some car sale sources like NADA book or KBB values can give you an estimate, chances are you won’t get an accurate valuation there.

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Several factors determine the value of your car; some of these factors are different with each car – factors such as the make, mileage, condition, year, and the local market. Other things that can determine a car’s value are the level of damage on the car, missing parts, salvage title, or rebuilt title.

What is The Value of My Car?

The standard value for any car is 12,000 miles per year. So, no matter how old your car is, calculate the age and multiply by 12,000. A regular driving range should be around 15,000, so, if the value is over that, then people might want to pay less.

Average car trade-in values:

The cost of trading in your car can be different from when you want to donate or sell it. Dealers will want to create better deals for themselves by trying to sell you a new car or try to get the payment in the form of the loan you got. Additionally, they might not want to deal with an old or damaged car, so the prices might be very low.

Factors that affect the sale of a junk car:

  • Location: Your residential area plays a vital role in what you’ll receive for your car. Your distance to a junkyard and the local price of scrap will play a role in the price of your vehicle. Also, the popularity of some cars in that location might affect the price, because some junkyards pay more for particular car models.

  • Year/Model/Make: Although there are several older cars today, the demand for parts is relatively low. Another factor to consider is how vehicles change yearly, which can reduce their metal weight.

  • The condition of the car: This is understandable, although worth mentioning. If you own a clean and smooth running car, chances of you getting more cash for it are high, compared to when you’re driving a rusty clunker.

  • Price of scrap: This is the most crucial factor in determining how much you’ll receive for your wrecked car. This is because most junkyards buy vehicles for their metal value, and not for the parts. If the price of scrap is not so good, you’ll generally not get a high payout for your car, even if it’s in good condition.

It is important to get the car value when totaled, whether you’re buying or selling. We have a free valuation tool that gives you a current price and mileage of your car. With our website, you can:

  • Find the value of your car, whether you are selling it as a private sale, or you want to trade in

  • See the price of the car instantly

  • You will know the number plate and mileage of the car

Working With Car-Worth.com

Our valuation report covers:

The details of the car, including the registration date, average mileage, and color

  • The original retail value in the market

  • Cost of selling it privately, both in good and poor condition

  • How much it will cost for a trade-in

  • The cost of buying from a dealer

How it works:

Fill in the details of your car: By entering your vehicle details with accurate information, we can give you an immediate offer on some cars or contact you with a trusted offer as soon as you click the “submit” button.

Accept your offer: If you are happy with our offer, then you will provide a proof of ownership to the vehicle, and we will immediately schedule the pick-up the vehicle and at the same time, deliver the payment.

Receive payment: During the car pick-up, we will hand a check over to you.

We have helped many car owners know what the worth of their used car is. Our values are gotten from the results of large amounts of data, including auction prices and real sale transactions, which are analyzed and adjusted to suit the current market trends.

Our website covers local conditions of more than 100 different regions and is updated regularly to give clients up-to-date pricing information on vehicles. Additionally, our offer is guaranteed, we have an excellent reputation, we offer free towing, quick pickup and immediate payments to customers, and we are experts in junk evaluation.

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What Is Your Car Worth?

What is my car worth