What Factors Determine the Worth of my Car?

Your car value is usually unique to your car. Though some sources of car prives like KBB values or NADA book values can point you in the right direction, chances are you won’t get exactly what is listed there.

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There are many many factors involved in determining a car’s value, some of which aren’t the same from car to car. Read on for a guide on how to determine your car’s value, and you can also check your car’s worth with our car value checker here.

Major Factors to Find My Car Value

The major factors that affect your car’s value generally are the make, milage, year, condition, and your local market.

Other things that might have an impact on your car’s price are what areas of the vehicle damage, if there are any parts missing, or if it has a salvage title, rebuilt title, or anything but a clean title. Car-Worth takes numerous types of damage, including cars with hail damage.

How Much Mileage is Good for an Old Car

Standards for any car are to have 12,000 miles per year, so whatever year your car is, just calculate how old it is and multiply that by 12,000. The upper end of a regular driving range is 15,000, so if it’s over this you can start imagining that people are willing to pay less for it than your typical vehicle.

But even if you have too many miles on your old car, you can still sell it for its parts instead of trying to sell it for reuse. “How much is my car worth?" Is not always an easy question to answer. A good place to start is using our car value calculator.

Estimated Car Trade in Values

When you try to trade in your car the cost may look differently than when you sell or donate a car. Dealers will always try to bundle in the action with up-selling you on a new car, or perhaps even try to bundle any losses they make with the trade-in into the loan you get. Plus, they don’t really want to deal with a very old or broken down car either, so their prices may not be so attractive.

What's the Value of My Truck?

Truck Car Values are a bit different than typical sedans or other passenger vehicles. Usually trucks have a longer life, so their values can be higher than another model of car with similar mileage or year.

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