Total Loss Car Value - How to Sell Totaled Cars

Not all cars can be repaired after an accident or mechanical damage. According to CCC Information Services, an estimated 14% of vehicles that come in for an appraisal are totaled in the U.S each year. And with the soaring costs of parts, the rate of which cars are being declared totaled vs. repaired is rapidly increasing.

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When does the insurance company declare a car totaled?

Generally, your insurance company declares your car totaled when the cost of your car’s repairs exceed its value. Insurers are required to declare your car a total loss when the damage reaches a certain point; depending on your state’s law this could be when 50-100% of the car’s value is spent on repairs.

The insurance company pays you the cash value of your vehicle. You’ll be given a chance to buy your totaled car back.

What if I totaled my car without collision insurance?

In this case, you are responsible for any accident-related expenses.

Since you’ll be paying for the car damage out of your own pocket, you’ll have to decide whether or not the car is worth fixing.

What should I do with my totaled car?

Keeping a total loss car is often frustrating. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars and it’s almost impossible to sell to private buyers.

Instead of keeping a car that is no longer drivable at home, you can reap reward by selling it to an online car buying service.

Valuing A Total Loss Car

  1. Troubles with resale

    It’s not easy to sell damaged cars since most private buyers prefer new cars. You may find a private buyer looking to buy your damaged car but chances are they won’t give you much money for it.

  2. Get more money than selling to local dealers

    First, most dealers will not take salvage vehicle as trade-ins.

    Second, determining the value of your car will be a challenge. Local dealers usually don’t value damaged cars properly and will likely pressure you into selling your car at an unreasonably low price.

  3. Cost of repairs

    Totaled cars are difficult and costly to repair. This is mainly because the exact cost to fix your car may be unknown until the repairs are done.

  4. Repairing may not be effective

    Even cars with minimal damage can cost too much in the long run. Repairs are not always effective in cars that have been involved in an accident and the likelihood of future repairs is high.

  5. Towing problems

    Towing your damaged car while shopping for quotes will cost a lot of money.

  6. Free up space

    Why waste the space on a car that you won’t drive? A damaged car takes up space in your driveway or garage for long periods of time and having it in your home is an eyesore.

  7. Saves you time and effort

    It never hurts to save especially with time. Parting out your car for parts and selling it one by one takes a lot of time (usually takes months) and brings you little financial gain.

    Once you sell the main components such as engine, transmission, and interior it could take you years to sell the rest of the car. Shopping around for quotes can also be extremely time-consuming.

  8. Passing inspection

    For you to drive your vehicle on public roads, your state’s department of motor vehicles must approve the repairs on the car. The motor vehicle agency will issue a new rebranded title as a rebuilt once they are certified its road worthy.

    However, the inspection procedure for a previously damaged car is really complex and it can be difficult to get a rebrand.

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