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You have heard about places that buy totaled cars for top dollar but aren’t quite sure they can buy a totaled truck. A good online removal service buys all types of totaled vehicles, not just one type. For instance, buys totaled cars, SUVs and trucks at top dollar.

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So, Should I Sell My Truck

Our answer is yes. If your truck is just spending its days lying in the garage doing nothing, sell it and make some decent money out of it. We would, however, like to caution you not to sell it to anyone. Before we recommend a good buyer, pore through some of the options you have on the table.

I’m trying to sell my truck – what options do I have?

Trading it in at a dealership

Dealerships will only consider doing business with you if your junk truck is not that much of junk. They mostly only accept vehicles with minor damage and mechanical issues. The money they offer to pay for the totaled truck is used as a down payment for another vehicle you intend to purchase from the same dealership. If this doesn’t sound like you, move on to other options.

Selling it to private buyers

The majority of people who sell a totaled truck to a private buyer do so online. If you have much time to spare, you can use Craigslist to sell your junk car. This, however, is one of the riskiest ways of selling your car due to the risk of fraud from strangers. Also, if your car is, to say the least, in less than perfect condition, it will be quite difficult to find a buyer online.

Selling it to an institution

There are institutions that buy wrecked trucks for the purpose of using them to train mechanics or to repair them and use them to run some errands. It is, however, not that easy to find an institution that is buying damaged trucks. If you are lucky enough to find one, they will offer you much less than your junk truck is really worth.

Selling the truck to a local junkyard

Just because you have a junk truck doesn’t mean it belongs to the junkyard. If you settle for this option, you will be selling your truck for nothing more than its value in scrap metal weight. Most junkyards are interested in the steel, aluminum and other metals they can get from scrap cars. Junkyards value a car based on the amount and quality of metal they can get out of it. If you think your truck is valued more than a piece of scrap, go for a better option –

Where To Sell My Truck Near Me

How about selling the wrecked truck to a Nationwide totaled truck Buyer? These kind of buyers are the most trusted people to sell less than perfect vehicles with. The majority of them have an excellent rating and reputation in the industry, therefore being able to find a good market for the junk cars they buy. is one such company. Specializing in the purchase of junk cars, trucks and SUVs for the last seven years, Car-Worth has made more than a million offers already. So, instead of wasting precious time shopping around for buyers or being pushed to accept an offer by some local junkyard, learn how you can sell your junk car to us today.

How to Sell My Truck Online to Car-Worth

This one is the quickest and most reliable junk truck selling process you will ever find. Just three steps and you will have cash in exchange for your truck in as little as 24 hours!

First, use our online form to tell us a little about your vehicle. In less than 90 seconds we will give you an offer based on the information you provided. Second, accept the offer and provide proof of ownership of the vehicle. We offer fair market value by using our instant online car value estimator. Third, wait for us to come to where your truck is in the next 24-48 hours so that we can tow it for free! Plus, we will pay you on the spot. Does it get better than this? We bet it doesn’t.

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