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No matter how good you think you are at taking care of your car, it’s inevitable that one day the car will be no longer of use to you. It’s even worse when your car gets into an accident and never recovers. When a car’s useful life comes to an end, not many people know what to do with it. You can’t keep it as it needs space you may not have when you get another one and also because old or totally damaged vehicles are an eyesore.

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You may decide to sell it but finding anyone willing to buy a totaled vehicle might prove to be an uphill task. It could take months to find such a person. Some people get so frustrated that they wish they could just dump the vehicle somewhere and forget about it, but this is not an option either as you can get into serious legal trouble.

Another popular option is to look for a local junkyard that will accept your car and sell to them. This is a viable option but very few people live in places with junkyards and even if you find one, they have a reputation of paying a lot less for totaled cars than they are truly worth. If you decide to sell your damaged vehicle yourself to a private person or local junkyard, your insurance company will pay you the actual value of your car less the scrap value of the car.

The third option you have is to let your insurance company handle the sale. If you take this route, your insurance provider will sell the car themselves and compensate you for the actual value of the vehicle prior to the accident.

If none of these options seem viable to you, it’s time to try the easier, faster and all-around better option; Have you have ever asked yourself, can I sell my car online? Well, makes it a whole lot easier for anyone with totaled or damaged cars to sell them online for much more than local salvage yards are willing or able to offer.


About 10 years ago, was founded by some visionaries who knew how much the service was needed across the country. Since then, we have successfully purchased thousands of damaged cars and given a fair price for each of them.

The PRocess of Selling a Car to

If you have a totaled car, don’t wait around for it to gather dust in the garage or yard. Instead, get a computer and open the website and begin the short process of selling the car to us. On the website, there is a form which you must fill with honest, accurate details about your car like the model, year of manufacture, among other details. Using the details you give us, our team will establish the value of your car and immediately make you an offer. Having done similar valuations for years, we know what to look for and how to do it super fast so as to be able to give offers instantly.

Once you have accepted the offer, we will arrange for a time, usually 24-48 hours after you accept the offer, when we’ll come to pick it up. On arrival at your location, we will hand you the check and tow away your car for free.

Benefits of Selling a Totaled Car to

Genuine Buyers

When trying to sell a damaged car, you will have to deal with quacks, low-ballers, and many people who act like they are interested in buying but are not. When dealing with, you can be sure that you are dealing with a company that specializes in buying a car like yours regardless of its condition.

We Have the Best Car Value Calculator

Our car value calculator has been in use for over a decade now and has helped us give fair values for thousands of cars. We don’t just buy your car for its scrap value; we consider every little thing in the car that could be worth anything when making you an offer.

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Probably the thing people hate most about having to sell wrecked cars is how much time it can take. With, it just takes two days!

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