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Trying to determine the value of your classic car can be overwhelming. So many factors play a part – such as the brand of the car, its mileage, condition, model, year, and many other factors. It is important to note that some of these factors are not the same for all cars.

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Other things that can have an impact on how you find a classic car value are the damaged places in the vehicle if the car has missing parts and the nature of the title. If you’ve asked yourself, “how much is my car worth,” you need to realize that the value of your car is unique to that car.

The Perfect Mileage For An Old Classic Car

The usual standard for any car is 12,000 miles per year. So, just calculate the age of your car and multiply it that that number. If you get a higher figure, then that means people might pay less for that vehicle.

How to Sell a Classic Car

When trying to sell your classic car, there are some guidelines you need to follow. Cars that have been maintained properly will generally sell at a better price. As an owner of a used classic car, you might have some options when it comes to marketing your car for sale. These tips will help you sell efficiently and have a more lucrative deal.

First, you should have a mechanic inspect the vehicle before putting it up for sale. If the car requires minor repairs to increase its value, then go ahead and complete the repairs. Then do proper research to know how much other buyers are paying for similar vehicles. The value of your car is usually higher if most of its originality is maintained. If you plan on selling your classic car, avoid replacing so many parts.

If you wish to sell your car quickly, advertise properly. Get in touch with car dealers around and find out if they are interested in buying your car. Post ads in your local paper and ask close friends to spread the news around. While placing an ad online, ensure you post multiple pictures of the vehicle to capture the attention of potential buyers.

After doing all those, respond to potential customers when the contact you on time and offer to show them the car at a convenient location and time. To negotiate a good deal, quote a price that’s suitable for that car. You can begin with a price that is a bit higher than the actual value. You can ask a dealer to sell the car on your behalf. Even though the dealer will charge you a percentage of the car’s price.

What if the Car is Wrecked?

If your classic car is wrecked beyond repair, then it will be best to sell to an online shop like Our company has a goal of offering a fair market value to insurance companies, repair industries willing to sell damaged cars and car owners in general. We have made millions of offers on wrecked cars and late-model cars such as trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Other advantages of our company include: We are experts in buying and estimating the price of a damaged car; our offer is guaranteed, therefore, we never haggle; we give a fair evaluation of cars based on their condition, year, location, make and model; our car offers are instant, and the seller gets paid at the time of pick-up; we can strike a deal with you online, without you having to leave the comfort of your home; we have an excellent rating and reputation based on our previous deals.

Additionally, we are an active member of the Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group; we offer free towing at the location of the customer; Once a deal is made, we pick up cars in 20 to 48 hours; while recycling vehicle parts, we follow environmental friendly processes; other junkyards don’t care about premium options found in classic cars, but our offer is not just based on the scrap value, we put all other options into consideration.

The Final Decision

Parting out a car is easier said than done. It can be time extensive and requires some mechanical knowledge. After you’ve sold the main components such as the engine, interior, and transmission, the car will remain in your home for an unknown period of time. A wrecked car usually occupies space, so why not sell it and free up some space for other valuables?

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