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A fact is that one of the best ways to get rid of a totaled car is to sell the car. You can usually get a decent price. Check how much you can get by entering your zip code below.

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Not only will you make some good money out of your unwanted vehicle, but you will also ensure that your home environment stays protected. There are so many options when it comes to trading wrecked cars.

It is vital to get all the facts right so that you can make an informed choice. You can either sell your car online, trade it at a local dealer shop, look for a private buyer, or take it to a junkyard. But before you settle upon any of these options, first make sure that you know how much your car is worth.

How to Get Your Car’s Value by Vin

Using your car’s VIN number to calculate its worth is as easy as you like. The VIN is the identification code for your specific automobile. Each car has its own unique identifier, which comprises 17 characters (capital letters and digits). On top of using the VIN to calculate your salvaged car’s worth, you can use it to track registrations, recalls, thefts, warranty claims, and insurance coverage.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, there is software that will help you get your totaled vehicle’s value using the VIN. All you have to do is go online, find a trustworthy car worth calculator site, key in the VIN, and then wait for about 90 seconds to get a reliable estimate. The price estimate arrived at by these systems, factors in the vehicle’s model, make, year, and other key elements.

The truth is that these online services have made it quite efficient to get an accurate estimate for any type of used car, whether salvaged or not. Technology has been awesome at making things easy for all. Consequently, selling your car online is the best option when it comes to getting rid of that salvaged vehicle. The efficiency and timeliness that comes with online selling are what make this service superior over all the others. Here’s how all the other methods compare to online vehicle trading.

Difference in Values of Selling a Car Online vs. Junk Yards

You might have had that junkyards are good places to get rid of salvaged vehicles because they offer quick money. However, junkyards are quite disadvantageous when compared to online sites. First, you could miss getting good value for your car in a junkyard because they don’t even consider premium options such as a sunroof, leather, etc. They simply buy your salvaged vehicle based on its scrap metal value. You will also have to cater for towing expenses, which is not the case with online companies.

Private Car Buyers of Totaled Vehicles

Looking for a private buyer for your totaled vehicle is also an option when selling. However, it is a tedious process that can often lead to a lot of frustrations. A fact is that most private buyers don’t want less-than-perfect-cars or vehicles that don’t drive or run. Therefore, you will have a hard time finding any private buyer willing to buy a salvaged automobile at a favorable price.

Car Buying Websites VS. Repairing

Repairing your salvaged car is always an option if selling it proves too difficult. Still, there no way a worthwhile online company will fail to buy your salvaged car. You ought to realize that repairing your salvaged vehicle can be too costly. There is a very real risk of overspending once you get to the bits and pieces of repairing your totaled ride.

Local Car Dealerships Who Buy Cars

There are some local dealerships that are willing to accept trade-ins for totaled cars. However, these dealers offer the lowest prices since they want to mitigate their risks. Any dealer buying a salvaged vehicle knows that the repair costs are too costly and therefore, he/ she cannot offer you a good price. It proves that online sites are the number 1 places to sell totaled cars.

Selling Your Salvaged Car at is arguably the best online car buyer you will find. This company offers a comprehensive package that includes a car worth VIN calculator and top-notch services. also boasts of having an excellent reputation/ rating. Other advantages of dealing at Car- include:

  • Expert Service- has been trading salvaged cars for a long time, which has helped them to acquire the expertise required to offer great deals.

  • Fair Prices- All valuations at this company result in fair market prices since their system considers your automobile’s make/ model, year, location, and condition.

  • Free Towing and Instant Offers-When you get in touch with, the company sends in guys to assess your car and offer you a deal. If you accept the deal, they process your payment before towing your car away. To cap it all up, you don’t get charged for the towing services. works with partners who recycle all salvage vehicles via an environmentally friendly process. Make sure that you give them a call after calculating your car’s worth using its VIN. The company will pick your car 24-48 hours after you get in touch. Remember, there is no better way to get rid of a totaled vehicle than to sell it online.


Truck Car Values are a bit different than typical sedans or other passenger vehicles. Usually trucks have a longer life, so their values can be higher than another model of car with similar mileage or year.

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