What Factors Determine the Worth of my Car?

If you own an old damaged vehicle, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, what’s the value of my car? For people who own totaled cars and are looking to sell the car for cash, it’s easy to get an instant offer for the vehicle below.

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Major Factors to Find My Car Value

Evaluating Old Cars & Damaged Cars

Not so many people know how to fairly and accurately value old and damaged cars and if you are trying to sell, you will quickly find out that it’s an uphill task. For one, you will struggle to find a private buyer for an old or totaled car.

Most buyers who accept totaled cars are junkyards and if you choose to deal with them, there is a high chance you will settle for a low ball offer.

Finding the Trade in Value of A Car

Luckily for you, Car-Worth.com is the go-to website if you are looking to trade in your old car for cash in a quick, hassle-free process.

Car-Worth.com was founded about a decade ago and since then, we have made hundreds of thousands of car deals. Knowing the fair value of old cars and selling them has never been as easy as Car-Worth.com is making it.

How to Find Your Car’s Value in Car-Worth.com

Calculating the fair value of old and totaled vehicles is a skill that requires expertise and years of experience. Unlike working cars, car sale records and adverts for old damaged cars are hard to come by so there is hardly any basis of comparison to help you when trying to calculate the value of an old car. However, Car-Worth.com has developed a technique over the years that helps us find the fair and accurate value for any old car. It is as follows:

Working With Car-Worth.com

Unlike local junkyards, we care about a lot more than just the scrap value of the car. As such, we usually need you to tell us a few important details about the vehicle to help paint the picture of how it looks and its current condition. When you log on to Car-Worth.com, you may download the form where you are required to fill in vehicle details such as its make, model, trim, year of manufacture, and any other special features it has like a sunroof that still works. Since we rely on the details you provide to make you an offer, you must provide accurate and truthful information to avoid problems later.

Receive Top Dollar Cash Offers for Cars

After filling out the form with accurate information, Car-Worth.com makes you an offer on the old car in about 90 seconds or less. Before making you an offer, we consider all the details you have shared about your car then use our experience to make an offer that is fair and usually higher than the local junkyards.

If you like the offer, the next step is accepting it after which we will arrange for the pickup. If you don’t like our offer, don’t worry. There is absolutely no pressure to sell to us if you are not comfortable.

Car Pick-Up & Removal Near You

We usually arrive at your location to pick up the car after about 24-48 hours. At the time of pickup, we will deliver your check too.

Conclusion: Trading in Cars with Car-Worth.com

Our offers are guaranteed

The initial offer you get on Car-Worth.com when you fill out the form is the price you get. We believe in our old vehicle valuation system and we never go back on our word.

Trust the experts

Over the years, we have made more than a million offers on old less-than-perfect cars and made a good name for ourselves in the industry. Even if our offer takes only a few seconds, you can be sure you are getting a great offer.

Turn your totaled car into cash in just 48 hours or less

he whole process of selling your totaled car to us, from the time you fill out the form to the time we pick up the car and pay you, takes 24-48 hours to complete regardless of your location.

Free towing

Unlike local junkyards where you usually have to pay towing fees, Car-Worth.com provides free towing at your location. All you need to do is tell us where you are and we will be there.

Get paid immediately

There is no waiting around when you sell your totaled car to Car-Worth.com. We deliver your check at the time of pickup.

What's the Value of My Truck?

Truck Car Values are a bit different than typical sedans or other passenger vehicles. Usually trucks have a longer life, so their values can be higher than another model of car with similar mileage or year.

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