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How to find a car value especially for a junk car can be a frustrating experience. You never know if the price being offered is too high or too low for your believed car. While there are car value websites where you can go check the estimated value of the junk car, most of these websites are not very accurate in their valuations.

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The websites generally do not take into account a lot of factors that may significantly impact what price you can realistically get. When you want to sell a totaled car Car Worth can take it out of your hands for a fair market price. Tread on for what we look for when valuing cars.

How to Sell Your Totaled Car for Cash

The most significant factors that will determine what price you will get for your junk car include the local market conditions, the condition of the car, mileage, and make of the car.

Your car values could also be impacted by what areas of the car have been damaged, whether it has a clean title, rebuilt title, salvage title or if any parts are missing.

Truck Values – Trucks tend to be valued differently from passenger vehicles and sedans. Given that trucks tend to have a longer life, they can have similar mileage to a sedan but still be valued relatively higher.

Mileage and how it Impacts the Car Value

The average standard for a car is to accumulate approximately 12000 miles every year. If you have a junk car that you need to sell just take the number of years since you got it, then multiply that by 12000. The maximum number of miles put on a car in a year is typically 15,000. If your car has more than 15,000 fewer people will be willing to pay the market price compared to same year model that has fewer miles.

Trade in Car Values

When you intend to trade in your car, you may find that the cost for doing so is significantly different as compared to when you are donating or selling the car. The thing is most dealers will try to give you a worse price since they will be trying to make up for any losses on the trade in while also upselling you on the new vehicle you are getting. Moreover, junk cars that may break down at any time or require expensive maintenance do not fetch very good prices.

Who Buys Totaled & Wrecked Cars

Kelly Blue Book Values

While Kelly Blue Book values are the industry standard for valuing used cars, they may not be so great when you are selling a totaled car. If you are selling a car with mechanical issues, parts missing or with any significant damage, those values will be tossed out the window. As such, blue book values may not be the best for valuing your damaged car. Luckily Car-Worth has a very handy car value estimator that you can use to accurately check the value of your car.

About Car Worth

Car Worth is a company that evolved from the famous, a company founded in 2007 that made its name buying cars in less than perfect condition. We are committed to offering fair market prices to insurance companies, car owners and repair industry partners that have collision damaged, broken down, totaled or wrecked cars that they need to get rid of. With more than a million offers on all manner of vehicles from SUVs, trucks and salvage cars, there is no one more reliable than Car Worth when you need to get rid of your junk car.

How to Find a Car Value Using Car Worth’s Car Value Estimator

Car Worth provides an easy to use and hassle-free value check calculator that you can use to determine the value of your car. What you need to do is go to and do the following:

  1. Fill a form about your car’s specification such as driveline, trim, make and year

  2. Receive an offer that is guaranteed in about one and a half minutes

  3. Get a visit from Car Worth within 24-48 hours, receive on the spot payment after which the company will tow the car for free

Sell Your Totaled Vehicle to

  1. Car Worth has been in the industry for years and has developed sophisticated systems for giving you fair value for your junk car. Unlike scrap dealers that lack any sophistication to properly value your car according to things such as make, model, driveline and year, we will take all of these aspects into consideration when valuing your damaged car.

  2. Selling to private buyers is often a frustrating experience since they tend to give low ball offers, haggle and apply pressure on you to accept their terrible prices. Conversely, Car Worth gives you a guaranteed price and will not haggle or pressure you to accept it. Moreover, you get on the spot payment when we come to collect the car, as compared to other buyers that may dilly dally as they try to determine if the car is in driving condition or less than perfect before they commit.

  3. It is better to sell a junk car rather than parting it. If you decide to go the parting way you may soon learn that you require mechanical knowledge and have to spend a lot of time removing the parts to sell. Moreover, it is difficult to find buyers for some components and you may remain with a shell for years once you have sold the main parts such as the engine, transmission, and interior. With Car Worth, you get instant offers for the whole car and do not have to waste time taking the car apart and shopping for buyers.

  4. Selling your car to junkyards will typically get you scrap value prices, as they will not do a proper car value check. However selling to Car Worth, you get to get fair market value for your car, as we are a major player in the industry and an active member of Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group. With our industry partnerships, you will get a good price for your totaled car as we can find buyers for all parts of your vehicle whether it be leather and trim, sunroofs or chrome wheels.

  5. You should sell your damaged car as it takes up valuable space on your property in addition to being an eyesore. When you sell the junk car to us we will contact you in 24-48 hours, come to your premises, pay you the guaranteed offer price and remove the car from your premises immediately.

  6. Selling a junk car is often preferable as most states have regulations that make it illegal to drive a damaged car. Fixing the car can be very expensive, not to mention the towing costs you may incur. By selling to us, you can save a lot of money in unexpected repair and towing costs, as we provide free towing on any cars we purchase anywhere in the US.

  7. You cannot sell your car to just any junkyards since most do not have any reputation to write home about. Many will offer low ball offers that are a total rip off as they do not care about you or their reputation. By selling to Car Worth you are dealing with a company with a reputation to protect. We have numerous positive ratings that we have accumulated over the years, and we will do everything in our power to give you fair value.

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